Registration Required

If you wish to submit URLs for inclusion on A11yBuzz, register for membership. After you complete the registration form, we will send you an automated e-mail with your confirmation link. Activate that link to confirm your account.

Submitting Links

Regardless of the method used to post, all new entries are moderated. They will appear on the most recent entries list as soon as they are approved.

Submissions Form

Once you’re registered, you can then login and begin submitting URLs. Go to the submission page, enter all of the relevant details and submit the form.


If you’re registered with A11yBuzz and you added your Twitter handle to your account at registration, links you Tweet with the hashtag #a11ybuzz will be automatically associated with your account. Don’t worry about duplication – we automatically filter out duplicated links!


To make submissions easier, we created this convenient bookmarklet: A11yBuzz Submit

To use the bookmarklet, first add it to your browser’s toolbar

In most cases you can left-click on the link and without releasing the button drag the bookmarklet to the toolbar. For non-mouse users, you can activate the context menu and copy the link location. Then create a new bookmark in your browser, pasting the bookmarklet’s address into the new bookmark’s location field. Once you have the bookmarklet in your browser’s toolbar, you simply need to press it anytime you’re on a site you think would be a good fit.

Doing so will take you right to the submission page, with the relevant fields pre-populated.

Help Moderate

We are in need of a handful of volunteers to help triage link submissions. As we’ve described, all submissions to the site are added to a queue and displayed only when approved. If you’d like to lend a hand in this process, we’d love to have you. Simply register for the site and then contact us to let us know you’re interested.

Contribute Development

Front-End Development & Design

A11yBuzz uses HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery on the front end. If you’re highly skilled in front-end development in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and/ or design and you’re interested in contributing, contact us and let’s talk.

Back-End Development

A11yBuzz uses PHP/MySQL on its back end. If you’re highly skilled in PHP & SQL – (and especially if you’re familiar with the Facebook API) and you’re interested in contributing, contact us and let’s talk.

Submit Bugs and Feature Requests

Find something that didn’t work quite as you expected? Did you get a big ugly error message? Have an idea of something that could be done better? Contact us to let us know. This isn’t our day job and we have families and hobbies, so you may not get a timely response (unless the site’s completely down), but we will work to eliminate bugs and add new features as we can.