This is the help page for A11yBuzz. Since the site’s brand new, you can expect lots of changes. That includes better ‘Help’ one of these days.

How it Works

A11yBuzz is designed to be a huge link repository for all things related to accessibility. All content on the site comes directly from submissions by registered users of the site. Visitors to the site can register to contribute. Then, they can access the submission form and add new links to the system. It’s that simple.

Registration & Login

Access to the resources on the site is completely free and requires no registration of any kind. Users who intend to submit links must register by activating the link labeled, quite obviously, "Register". Upon successfully submitting the form, we will send you a confirmation e-mail. Confirm your registration by following the link in that e-mail. All memberships must also be approved by an A11yBuzz administrator. You will get an e-mail when we’ve approved your membership. All memberships must be approved as a means to thwart spam. Because of the freedom offered by users being able to just submit links to the site we need to manually ensure the legitimacy of all users.

If you don’t receive the confirmation & approval emails, check your spam folder.


Once you’re registered, you’re free to submit links! Simply go to the Submit page and fill in the form. For more details on contributing to the site, please go to the contribute page.

Quality Standards for Contributions

Because our goal is to create the go-to aggregator of accessibility information, we need to take certain steps to ensure quality of the submission. This means that all submissions are manually approved by an admin. We’re new. We’re learning. We have no idea what the volume might be like in this little experiment. As a consequence you may want to anticipate there being quite a while before your submission actually shows up. Don’t worry. We don’t hate you or anything, we just have other stuff to do – like the jobs that make us money.

If your submission is declined, don’t take offense. We still love you.


The topics on A11yBuzz are mostly static. By that, we mean users can’t modify them or add to them in anyway. We are, however, very willing to accept suggestions for improvement on topics we should include. Please contact us if you have any good ideas.


All entries on the site are driven by registered users who submit them. All entries are approved by administrators prior to display.