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Joining college is a dream come true for most students. Unfortunately, a good number of college students drop out before completing their studies. This could be attributed to reasons such as academic unpreparedness, lack of guidance, and the pursuit of other businesses among other reasons. That said, let us look at some of the aspects that are associated with the increasing number of college dropouts.

Lack of guidance


This is one of the major contributors of college dropouts. In most colleges, students are allowed to choose the courses they would wish to pursue. Without guidance, students end up choosing careers that do not match their personality or their potential. In return, after a few years, the course may turn out to be difficult. Certainly, this means exam fails and discouragements, which will force the student from school.

Academic unpreparedness

This is yet another problem leading to increasing college dropout cases. Some high schools have a comprehensive curriculum that nature student for college life, while others do not. Therefore, this means that students from some high schools might be unable to cope with dynamics common to most colleges. As a result, some of these students end up saying goodbye to college life.

Money matters

It is unfortunate that some students may drop out of college due to financial constraints. Probably, this could be attributed to lack of financial preparedness or other financial commitments. In addition to this, students with poor financial management skills may also have a difficult time in college. They may end up spending money in unnecessary things. Consequently, this may compel them to drop out of school.

Social issues

Social issues also contribute to college dropouts. Ideally, engaging in social activities is not bad. Overindulgence is the problem. Most college students are overwhelmed by the freedom they have in college setups. As a result, they end up engaging in activities that are detrimental to their academic life. For instance, some would start abusing drugs, prostitution, among other social ills. The result of this could be diseases, heartbreaks, unwanted pregnancies, and lack of concentration in academics. If one is not keen enough, these social issues end up forcing them out of school.

Fear or laziness

Fear of the unknown is also a leading cause of college dropouts. Some students opt to stay in their comfort zones. They fear taking up new challenges or being lazy has no room in most academic institutions. As such, students that are not able or unwilling to face the challenges and demands posed by college life are poised to drop out sooner or later.